On the perimeter of TIMES SQUARE in Manhattan,
STARTRAX is the convenient and logical choice for any project in need of that special talent.
Within walking distance of the “GREAT WHITE WAY” actors easily coordinate studio sessions with their performance and rehearsal schedules while on BROADWAY. This ease continues to afford us many opportunities to host celebrity talent during their run on stage.
STARTRAX’S close proximity to almost all the city’s major subway lines is a great advantage to local talent and production teams.
Coming in from outside of the city is also made virtually effortless. Centrally situated between GRAND CENTRAL STATION AND PENN STATION, Metro North, Path, Amtrak and Acela users have a short walk to our door.
The area immediately surrounding the studio is undergoing a major infrastructure enhancement surge and is quickly becoming one of the city’s fastest growing neighborhoods for lodging and dining availability. Numerous new hotels of all budget and accommodation levels and restaurant options make MIDTOWN SOUTH an easy and informed choice for traveling production teams visiting and working in NYC.
Explore the area and you will see why our location is a major contributing factor to our continued success.